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Company offices in three continents, with the recent opening of a new office in the United States, four brands, 400 employees and collaborators, over 65 countries where our products are distributed: Elettromedia is today a multinational group with a leading role in the global high-end audio market.

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Founded in 1987, Elettromedia has positioned itself from the beginning as a leader in the car audio industry for the production of amplifiers, speakers, audio processors and accessories for professional installation.

The Research and Development department, management and financial functions are located entirely in Italy.

After more than ten years of experience in the Southeast Asian market, in 2008 we created a joint-venture company for professional audio, Lavoce Italiana, acquiring a production unit managed directly by our team on site and with the constant support of staff in Italy. An organizational dimension that has allowed us to monitor production processes and guarantee our quality standards. Over the past five years, Lavoce has experienced tremendous growth and has become one of the largest suppliers of loudspeaker components to professional audio.

For the US market, we inaugurated the corporate headquarters in Tennessee with the establishment of the Elettromedia Corporation in 2022. Now we can supply and support our local partners, manufacturers and distributors in North America.

In 2022, the Elettromedia Group was formally consolidated with the legal transformation of the corporate form into a joint-stock company, a responsible response to all our stakeholders, who are also involved in achieving our success.financial

Our ambition is to bring the enjoyment of sound everywhere. First-hand with our brands or in collaboration with the most important world partners: we are there where there is a desire for pure sound.

Elettromedia Corporation
A new corporate office was inaugurated in March 2023 in Tennessee, with the establishment of Elettromedia Corporation
Elettromedia was officially founded in Potenza Picena. Car-audio business has been developed by means of co-branding: Audison & Hertz.
Lavoce Italiana
The company invests in a production unit based in People's Republic of China and from 2012 it markets amplifier and loudspeaker OEM projects for renowned international brands.
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