Research and Inovation

Innovation is written in our DNA, it is the heart of all our activities and the decisive element of our success. In the Elettromedia R&D Center converge ingenuity, determination and competence of our team, here our challenges become concrete projects.

We started from the world of cars, we entered the marine universe, we expanded our boundaries to the musical and professional fields. We have strong roots, typically Italian, which pumps curious, creative, daring lifeblood.

Innovation is one of our founding values, it is part of our DNA, and it is at the heart of all activities.

The R&D Center is located in the company’s headquarters in Potenza Picena: this is where the talent, determination and expertise of our team converge.

The development of pioneering and ambitious projects stems from the comparison and exchange of ideas between designers and, for those who have transformed their passion into work, brainstorming is  a continuous and daily flow. Keeping the entire R&D department internally has been a decisive element to infuse our products with that original and complex profile that distinguishes them.

Today about 40 continuous resources work in the R&D Center, of which over 30 are engineers specialized in the construction of sound, supported by several external collaborators.

9 patents, 5 models and registered designs are the result of a projects always at the highest levels.

The expertise of the designers is combined with a development procedure that has been established for over 30 years.

The ambition to be the first to create new technical solutions stimulates and excites us right from the conception phase. Ideas are generated, customer requests, technologies and products on the market are analyzed, as well as the emotions we want to convey to fans and the theoretical model is defined.

Through sophisticated software, simulations are developed to improve the project, which is then concretized by a prototype.

Each prototype is subjected to a rigorous series of tests aimed at refining the sound and experimenting it in the environment in which it will really work: laboratory tests, tests in the listening room, tests in the car. Once all the checks have been carried out, the Design Centre develops the final design, through the selection of materials and the search for the ergonomics of the shapes.

After these scrupulous procedures, the pilot batch must pass a further and strict test on aesthetic and functional characteristics, performed by a group of selected customers.

When the product reaches the industrialization phase for us the challenge is won, we just have to measure its success by sharing it on the market with fans, professionals and enthusiasts.

In the future we see a field of research and application without limits. We have strong roots, typically Italian, which pumps curious, creative, daring blood.

The Elettromedia Academy project is one of our most fascinating ideas, here research and innovation go beyond the goal of developing new products, they become communication of knowledge and opportunities.

The Academy reinforces that desire to offer an immersive experience to our customers, both dealers and installers. It is a practical and concrete response to the need for training, but not only. It aims to train specialists who work with Elettromedia products in all fields of application (car, marine, powersport, professional), to convey all the potential of the product to allow the user to fully enjoy it.

The courses are delivered online, overcoming distances, and issue certifications for the use of specific product lines, software and technologies.