Sustainability means “looking to the future and adopting solutions to make it better“. With this objective we direct our business activities in a socially responsible way, to create value for all those involved (members, employees, collaborators, suppliers, customers), the local community, the environment.

Looking to the future and adopting solutions to make it better

recycle materials whenever possible

rationalize consumption by eliminating waste

dispose of waste rigorously according to current regulations

raise awareness of employees and collaborators to environmental issues

Over twenty years ago we started a process to contribute to  the protection of the environment, recognizing the very close equivalence that exists between the health of the environment and human health.


Some practices were acquired immediately as rules not limiting them to simple recommendations, including:

  • recycle materials whenever possible;
  • rationalize consumption by eliminating waste;
  • dispose of waste rigorously according to current regulations;
  • raise awareness of employees and collaborators to environmental issues.

We are sons and daughters of our land. Our greatest satisfaction is to try to give back at least a part of what we have inherited, with a real presence able to stimulate growth and well-being, together.

The company headquarters is designed according to the concept  of Building Automation, or Smart Building, which identifies a construction built in such a way as to allow integrated management, optimizing the use of energy. The use of sophisticated machinery and modern energy-saving solutions have significantly limited the environmental impact. The logistics structure is equipped with a modern integrated storage system and a sophisticated computerized rotating warehouse, which allows us to manage electronic components in about 8 square meter while they would otherwise occupy 200.

In 2010, Elettromedia decided to focus with determination on renewable sources, in particular investing in photovoltaics with two projects: a first plant to meet the energy needs of the plant, effectively eliminating the emission of carbon dioxide necessary for the production of energy for business activities; a second plant to produce clean energy to be placed on the free market.

Our commitment also includes a strategy to ensure a  positive social impact on people and the community.

Respect for the freedom and dignity of employees, their families and all the people with whom we have ties is an imperative principle for us.

We have voluntarily undertaken initiatives to promote the well-being of our employees, such as greater protection and prevention for their health and individualized solutions for those who need to reconcile work and family.

Our sustainability strategy also promotes gender equality: 50% of Elettromedia staff is made up of women, a high percentage for a company mainly active in the car and professional audio industry. For all employees, professional growth plans and continuous training within the company are provided annually.

Attentive and aware of the social impact on the community, we have also always contributed to social and cultural events and initiatives through donations and sponsorships: from R’N’R BONSAI to events dedicated to theatre such as “Prima Scena Festival della scenografia” and “I Teatri del mondo Festival Internazinale del teatro per ragazzi“.

In terms  of management, the Elettromedia Group carries out its activities according to the principles of integrity, responsibility and transparency, promoting the dissemination of a corporate culture based on ethics and supporting a healthy, correct and consistent management of the company with corporate objectives.

To this end, Elettromedia undertakes to carry out the following actions:

  • respect the principles of correctness and transparency in all administrative and financial activities;
  • guarantee transparency with employees and suppliers;
  • communicate their activities in a clear, understandable, truthful and easily accessible way to all
  • integrate procedures and code of conduct aimed at minimizing any form of unethical behavior

Our sustainability journey already includes other goals for the future:

  • Increase the use of recycled material, especially for product packaging
  • Further reduce CO2 emissions at all our sites
  • Promote the professional growth of employees and raise awareness on social responsibility issues
  • Contribute to the transition to a more sustainable economy and society, looking for partners who have the same vision to promote together a new and more ethical role for companies


Our respect for the people who work in Elettromedia, who trust us as customers and suppliers, who bind themselves to us as financial and commercial partners, is also based on the commitment to carry out every action according to rules of correctness and transparency.

From the beginning, the top management has followed high standards of communication towards employees, suppliers and lenders, following national and international regulations and interpreting them according to broad criteria of protection.

We have adopted an internal code of conduct that we deliver to employees and collaborators who enter the company. It is valid for everyone: managers, consultants and employees.

It is a “contract” that guarantees equality and parity between all parties involved.

We condemn and fight all forms of bribery, corruption and financial crime, including advisors who are experts in international standards.
We respect the right to privacy and protect the personal information of our employees, suppliers, customers and all other parties with whom we interact. We keep this data secure, use it only for the predetermined business purposes and do not keep it for longer than necessary.
We maintain our IT infrastructure  with some assets managed within our main facility, and some offsite. This guarantees us a high degree of IT security and data protection.