Values and Territory

Innovation, Italianness, People, Impact: Values are the backbone of Elettromedia and guide every step of its evolution. The strong bond with  the Territory, intended as environment, people and tradition, represents the roots of the company, in a geographical area strongly linked to music.


To offer innovative solutions to those who want to experience the emotions of sound through audio components of design, excellent quality and exclusive technology, in every field of application: Car, Marine, PowerSport and Pro Audio.

We research, design and implement the new concept of sound, with a distinctive approach based on shared values, peculiar to our nature.


Elettromedia was born from the passion for high-end of its founders, which became the desire to build pure sound. We work to create products that can satisfy the most demanding enthusiasts and convey deep emotions. From amplifiers to loudspeakers, in every project we strive to achieve innovation and an evolution in terms of quality, design, applied technology. Our journey around sound starts from an intuition and proceeds with a high and unaltered care at every stage.


In pursuing this goal, we direct every business activity to the creation of value for all stakeholders: members, employees, collaborators, suppliers, customers and the local community.


Our values form the backbone of Elettromedia, represent its roots and guide every step of its evolution. 

They are our most precious resource that has allowed us to expand in the world and to continue to operate with the same scrupulousness, passion and respect for those who have trusted us for over 30 years.

Courage has characterized our creative processes, this allows us today  to push the boundaries of sound experience further and further, to have solid pillars to be authentic pioneers.


Our greatest aspiration is to discover and share new technologies that can satisfy those who really want to enjoy music. Our products are the result of a constantly evolving research, supported by a know-how earned in over 30 years. Innovation also distinguishes our organization: we have created a group that today is able to design, produce, sell on all continents products for car audio, marine, powersport and professional audio under a single corporate strategy.


We are an Italian group and in recent decades, alongside the growing internalization of our commercial and production activities, the dominant character in our DNA has remained unchanged. Creative spirit, curiosity, passion and aesthetic research are the elements characterizing our way of acting and thinking, the traits enclosed in that concept of Italianness that is made explicit in our products.


We believe that the uniqueness of each one is an intangible asset that becomes tangible capital within the company. Training together with the professional and human growth of our collaborators and employees are priorities because they represent our strategic advantage. We want to continue to attract talent, discover new ones and enhance the skills of each person, because every process is triggered by that spark, talent.


Every company has a responsibility to introduce changes that can improve the well-being of the community. Our activities have an effect on the women and men who are part of them whether they are workers, customers, partners or stakeholders in general. We are committed to ensuring that this impact is always aimed at health, serenity and personal satisfaction.

We also have a more specific purpose at heart: to produce extraordinary research projects that can be the reference in the audio world.

Our world extends along the axes of time and space, continuously crosses them, taking different forms. But there is an element that runs through every possible aspect, unites people with the universality of its language. We're talking about sound.
(Pietro Pantaleone, Founder Elettromedia)


The strong bond with the Territory, understood as environment, people and tradition, is what gives shape to Elettromedia.

Our roots are firmly rooted in a geographical area deeply connected to music and sound: for two centuries in the Marche region we have produced, first with high craftsmanship, then with the most advanced electronic industry, well-known musical instruments, appreciated all over the world. A tradition of which we still collect the knowledge and passion through our employees and collaborations in the area. An exceptionally stimulating and resourceful habitat for a company made of music and electronics.

The headquarters  in Potenza Picena, in the province of Macerata, are home to the R&D and Design Centre. Here sound experts, acoustic engineers, enthusiasts, come from different continents and meet to develop their dreams, welcomed in a region that lives on music, home to  many artisans who have dedicated themselves to the construction  of musical instruments  but also of many musicians.