We are a major player in the international market of amplifiers, loudspeakers, audio processors and accessories for professional installation, under our brands Audison, Hertz, Lavoce and Connection.

Elettromedia has adopted a co-branding strategy that allows it to operate on different markets with a structure and a portfolio of dedicated brands. With a heritage of knowledge and expertise spanning over 35 years, a global reputation for excellence, our brands are category leaders in the audio industry. The Elettromedia Group operates under four globally established brands in the car audio, pro audio and marine audio markets, with a common mission towards visionary and innovative solutions:

Audison and Hertz, our historic brands in the automotive and marine audio markets, Lavoce Italiana, a fast-growing brand in the professional audio industry, and Connection, our trusted brand of speaker cables, power cables and accessories.


A very rich know-how, the result of the experience obtained in decades of activity in the international car hi-fi field, has led the Elettromedia team to achieve prestigious goals with the Audison lines, intended for enthusiasts who do not accept compromises.


Founded in 2008 with a strategic partnership between Elettromedia and Jiashan Haosheng Electronic, Lavoce Italiana specializes in the design and production of loudspeakers for professional use. A global and dynamic organization combined with thirty years of experience in the development and production of the best mobile electronics in the world.


With the introduction of the Hertz brand, Elettromedia has also obtained a leading role in the loudspeaker field: products able to excite enthusiasts all over the world thanks to their incredible performance in terms of efficiency, power handling and tonal accuracy. Today the Hertz brand offers a complete range of products, to experience the thrill of high quality sound, in any situation.


The interconnections that reproduce every musical detail with the utmost fidelity. Speaker and power cables, power accessories, a wide range of products, built using the best materials, to meet the most extreme power demands of your system. The Connection brand was born with two objectives: extraordinary quality and high reliability.