We believe in the beauty and richness of differences: we have built our company as a safe place, where people can grow, express potential, realize ambitions and life projects.

Join the Elettromedia team

If you are looking for a job in which you can follow your aspirations, if your desire is to dedicate yourself to innovative projects and participate in the development of new technologies, if working with commitment and seriousness is a motivational boost that you feel internally, if you think that growing means confronting yourself in a group of people with different experiences and skills,  working in Elettromedia is the choice that can change your future!

The advantages of working in Elettromedia


People are our main strength, one of the pillars for the development of the Elettromedia Group and to continue  to create innovative and visionary solutions, we need a team made up of exceptional people, with extraordinary talents and courage to emerge.


In Elettromedia you will work with the best professionals in the industry, in a dynamic and international environment, which enhances collaboration and teamwork, promotes staff  training, merit and  concrete development policies, in a modern and integrated corporate welfare system.


We are always looking for talents who share our passion for technology and the aspiration to face new challenges, people willing to grow, to put their skills and potential into play. We annually adopt training courses for our employees and select human resources with experience or first time working, with high school diploma or graduates.


We value the diversity and uniqueness of everyone, to create the perfect balance in our staff. The same philosophy is applied in every office of the Elettromedia group and, respecting the cultures of different countries, we always favor the comparison between different mentalities.

Spontaneous application

Aren’t there any professional opportunities that respond to your experience and ambitions?  Send us your application! If your profile is in line with our team we will contact you to get to know you, in person or remotely.


We also advise you to follow us on our Linkedin page, to be updated on the job opportunities, internships or training we offer.

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