Move Will Better Serve Customers and Boat Manufacturer Partnerships

Nashville, Tenn. – November 1, 2023 – In an effort to better serve a growing number of customers and boat manufacturer partnerships in the United States, Hertz Marine, the renowned Italian producer of marine audio systems and equipment, announced today that its products will now come from the company’s U.S. distribution center located in Nashville, Tenn.

The company’s products, including radio control units, speakers, and amplifiers – all specifically designed for the marine environment – will be housed in a 27,000 square-foot facility. Hertz’s marine audio offerings will share space with the Lavoce loudspeaker, a second brand of its parent company, Elettromedia Corporation. This collaboration follows Elettromedia’s opening of the U.S. distribution facility in Nashville earlier this year.

“Our move to have Hertz products ready and available in our Nashville distribution facility signifies a commitment to seamless collaboration, enabling just-in-time deliveries and streamlined supply chain operations, which ensures consistent product availability,” said Pietro Pantaleone, President of Elettromedia, the parent company of Hertz.

“We believe this also demonstrates our commitment to our U.S. consumers who love our marine audio products,” Panteleone added. “Customers will benefit from easier product access, quicker response times for customer service, and potentially faster shipping, enhancing the overall purchase experience.”

About Hertz

A division of Elettromedia Corporation, Hertz develops world-class speakers, amplifiers, and DSPs for the 12V industry, with a focus on achieving optimal performance in real-world applications. The engineers at Hertz are driven by a passion for audio entertainment, constantly striving to innovate using the most advanced technologies available. Hertz products have gained a strong reputation in over 60 countries worldwide and have been honored with numerous awards from EISA and other prestigious organizations, highlighting their exceptional track record of delivering unique and high-quality products. In 2014, Hertz launched their marine

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