Let's innovate

Thank you for entering the Elettromedia Innovation area!
We are constantly looking for new business ideas, products, and technologies!
Please find below information regarding submitting an idea to Elettromedia S.p.A., the idea evaluation process and when you can expect to receive a first feedback.

Innovation require more
than just financial investment.
We are now welcoming ideas from everyone:


Idea Preparation

Prepare the subsequent information for an online submission of your idea to the Elettromedia Innovation Portal: personal information and contact details, a short non-confidential overview about your idea, information on intellectual property (IP) status of your idea, any additional information that may be of use, e.g. scientific articles, executive summaries or presentations describing the idea in more detail etc.


Idea Submission
Enter your personal information and contact details. Fill in your short non-confidential overview and provide information on the desired outcome and upload your attachments.


After the successful submission of your idea, you will receive a confirmation e-mail including: the expected feedback timeline, contact information for questions and support.


Your idea will be carefully reviewed by a Elettromedia Group expert panel. During this evaluation process, mutual confidentiality agreements may be set-up and (several) conference calls and face-to-face meetings may be organized in order to gather all relevant information. Received proposals are evaluated based on following criteria: portfolio strategy, commercial potential, customer benefit, and technology readiness.


After the evaluation process has been brought to a conclusion, you receive a feedback via the innovation portal, mail or phone regarding your input and the final decision.We strive to give you a first feedback within 40 days after submission.